Rubies In The Rubble – Harriet Lorraine-Smith

Nuts_and_Plums_Chutney_Label Pear_and_Walnut_Chutney_jar Spicy_Tomatoe_Chutney_Label Mango_Chutney_jar Apple_and_Ginger_Chutney_Label Chilli_and _Red_Onion_Chutney_Label

A few weeks ago my and stylist Harriet Loraine-Smith  spent a day creating these fun still life shots as a test for Rubies In The Rubble who sell Chutneys. The idea was to break down the ingredients for each jar into interesting visual images for promotional use.

I really like the mantra behind Rubies In The Rubble… “we make everything by hand, we’re generous with ingredients, and we are committed to our community. We source all our fruit and vegetables from surplus, fresh from the market before they’re discarded, and we use it all.”

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