East London Homes

Styling and text by Sarah Bagner / Photography by Jon Aaron Green

“I’ve been working on a photography book with the amazing stylist @supermarket_sarah and the always inspiring @hoxtonminipress. It has been a real privilege to visit 29 creative homes in east London and photograph the residents. We have tried to capture the very essence of each home through interior photography and portraiture”  –  Jon Aaron Green

EAST LONDON HOMES BOOK is out now you can buy a copy here.



‘East London Homes’. Styling and text by Sarah Bagner. Photography by Jon Aaron Green, 272pp, hardback, 255 x 196mm.

East London is a playground of possibility. In a neighbourhood where tradition and experimentation collide there is no such thing as a typical home. This book, by stylist and author Sarah Bagner and photographer Jon Aaron Green, is a celebration of diverse creative expression, a journey through the compelling interiors of architects, florists, filmmakers, upholsterers and many more who don’t play by any rules other than their own.